Banking and Financial Services

As banking and financial activities cross further global boundaries, gaining competitive advantage has become ever more crucial.

Financial institutions need to now identify the ‘unknown unknowns’ within their business and capitalise on the ‘why’. Being able to infer insight from within their own organisations and activities coupled with a fundamental understanding of market trends will allow them to do just that.

Through IDM's Intuitive Analytics platform, we can help you deliver these valuable insights and allow you to take a holistic view of your business, giving you the opportunity to redefine your business models to tackle new growth opportunities, manage risks and gear for higher performance.


Gear yourself for optimal performance by reducing costs and operational inefficiencies. Manage risks and automate regulatory compliance. Understand customer behaviour and interactions by gaining hidden insight. Rapidly capitalise on the dynamic market environment.

Gain Competitive Advantage

Banks must now operate at optimal levels, effectively reducing costs and operational inefficiencies, due to the uncertainty within the markets today. They must have a deep understanding of their risk exposure whilst fulfilling the ever increasing regulatory and compliance requirements. At the same time, the dynamic market conditions are presenting new growth opportunities which the banks must capitalise on by gaining insight into the latest trends. Fundamentally understand and predict customer behaviour and relationships to gain competitive advantage and generate incremental revenue.

IDMs Intuitive Analytics platform can help:

  • Deliver unknown insight into customer behaviour for revenue generation through retention ratio, profitability, profiling and behavioural analysis.
  • Reduce costs, improve processes and optimise operations.
  • Integrate operational risk management and analysis.
  • Automate compliance and regulatory reporting.
  • Implement anti-money laundering (AML) and fraud analysis.
  • Unlock and capitalise on new growth opportunities.

Financial Markets

Rapidly gain insight and predict the latest market movements to allow portfolio optimisation. Analyse trade activity and performance across all assets and investments. Quickly meet all regulatory requirements and inquiries. Effectively cut costs and optimise operations.

Capitalise on Market Volatility

Market conditions have been extremely volatile in recent times. As such, it is vital for financial institutions to be able to rapidly gain insight and anticipate market movements, presenting them with the opportunity to minimise loss and maximise profit. Tailor your portfolios for optimal performance by understanding trends and relationships across all assets and products, whilst minimising risk exposure. Simplify the burden of ever-increasing regulatory and compliance requirements and effectively reduce costs and operational inefficiencies.

IDMs Intuitive Analytics platform can help:

  • Leverage insight into market movements for revenue generation by understanding trading networks and relationships across different asset classes and products.
  • Integrate risk management and analysis to mitigate exposure against financial, market, credit and liquidity risk.
  • Automate compliance and regulatory reporting.
  • Maximise performance of trading systems and strategies.
  • Reduce costs, improve processes and optimise operations.


Identify and better manage risk factors that affect profits, claims and losses. Understand customer behaviour and interactions by gaining hidden insight. Uncover fraud and automate regulatory requirements. Co-ordinate isolated business functions for optimal performance.

Enhance Competitive Edge

Insurance companies need to create and maintain competitive advantage now more than ever, with increased competition, product commoditisation, price pressures and increased regulatory commitments. Identify and understand risk factors that will help establish the ‘break even rate’ and tailor products to individual customers. Gain insight into customer behaviour and interactions to maintain customer retention, acquire new customers and develop new product lines. At the same time, operate at optimal levels by co-ordinating isolated functions such as actuarial, marketing, sales and claims, allowing effective reduction in costs and operational inefficiencies.

IDMs Intuitive Analytics platform can help:

  • Deliver insight into customer behaviour to generate revenue through identification of new growth potential, enhanced customer retention and cross sell opportunities.
  • Allow different business functions to collaborate and operate as a truly integrated organisation.
  • Optimise processing of claims.
  • Integrate risk management and analysis to better manage exposure across portfolio products, lines and demographic segments.
  • Uncover and detect fraud whilst ensuring regulatory compliance.
  • Reduce costs, improve processes and optimise operations.