The increasing pace of change in Retail is driving a need for rapid analysis of Big Data.

Retailers face many challenges as they work to keep pace with extraordinary increases to the complexity of their operations; striving to satisfy customers expectations across all channels whilst at the same time squeezing every last ounce of operational effectiveness from their teams.

The only resource there’s no shortage of is Data. However, the sheer volume and complexity of data produced from the multiple systems, environments and processes a retailer operates, makes it difficult to sift through the background noise

IDM’s Intuitive Analytics Platform can seamlessly combine multiple data sources into a single view and help you quickly see through the noise to both support revenue growth through a detailed understanding of customer behaviour and protect margins by minimising losses due to errors, process non-compliance and fraud.

Customer Insight/Loyalty

Reveal the intricacies of your customers purchasing behaviour across all channels to drive fact based decision making and campaign planning.

Improve customer loyalty by targeting the right message through the right channel to the right audience, delivering profitable revenue growth.

Data driven insight and results monitoring allows the marketing mix to be adjusted to deliver greater returns.

IDM's Analytic Platform can be applied to:

  • Identify up-sell and cross-sell opportunities.
  • Use basket analysis to identify favoured product combinations and purchasing sequences.
  • Reveal patterns in preferred retail channels.
  • Recommendation engine for "next purchase" suggestions.
  • Operational monitoring of in-campaign effectiveness to identify the best response drivers and conversions.
  • Retention/defection profiling.

Loss Prevention and Operational Effectiveness

Deliver a measureable and ongoing RoI by reducing losses due to:

  • Operational inefficiencies
  • Process non-compliance and lack of policy compliance
  • Errors and training requirements
  • Fraud

Combine data from multiple sources (including EPOS, supply chain, stock audit, inventory and finance) and integrate with existing CCTV and other 3rd party systems.

Return on Investment delivered through:

  • Improved management of risk.
  • Increased efficiency of loss prevention and audit teams.
  • Continual monitoring of critical business processes such as Refunds, Discounts, Stock audits and Inter-branch transfers.
  • Avoid time consuming "false positives".
  • Automated workflows and email distribution of cases.
  • Performance management analysis and reporting.